Jean McClelland | Billiards offers many historic avenues for collectors

Jean McClelland: Billiards offers many historic avenues for collectors

Jean McClelland: Billiards is a game that has existed since the 15th century. Many thought it was just a hobby for the aristocracy, but they did not know any kind or type of structure. The difference in their games was the quality of the pieces of the game. The rich have probably kept their own pool table, and the farmer more than likely shares it at a local pub.

It is believed that the sport of billiards has evolved from French croquet, and French kings were the first owners of billiards tables. One reason a green felt from a pool table / pool table is to mimic the green grass croquet game.

Since the year 1500, the game has diversified to include the Billiards game and the British generic term “pool” of the United States. Pool is the common name used by Americans to refer to all pool games. Purists will say that the difference between these games is the size of balls, bags, boards and sticks.

Anyway, there is a large field collection for enthusiasts to continue. Maybe the billiard balls – first made of mud or ivory – hugged. Signal sticks are another area of interest, with a variety of lengths. Surprisingly, the chalk is coveted. Originally, it was white, later produced in green or turquoise blue. Anti-stumbling devices – such as racks of vintage billiard balls, reference holders, dashboards and more – also attract collectors.

A source of credit to Michael Phelan as “the father of American billiards.” He helped make the standards uniform in his writing as an editor and newspaper columnist. He founded a manufacturing company that has affected game control for almost 100 years. Anything with your name on it, would be interesting for a collector in this area. The products manufactured by the company would also be considered Brunswick-Balke-Collender Society before 1884.

Collectibles related to notable authors of the past also draw attention to the antique market. The prices and objects associated with these games can and have been extravagant. Enormous sterling silver trophies to the opulent exotic pool tables, you could sink a strong sum of these antiques.

At present, the Billiards Congress of America – – founded in 1948, works to promote the game, the rules of normalization, the implementation of tournaments, the offer of courses and a public clarification regarding The history of billiards.

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