Creating a Unique Photo

Creating a Unique Photo

The Bridge of the Academy of Venice is in charge of the tourists from the morning until the night. At any time, you’ll find hundreds of people taking pictures and pictures of the iconic Church of Santa Maria de la Salud. Given the frequency with which this view is used, it is difficult to create something unique. However, as John Lennon sang, “There are no problems, only solutions.” To create a truly original image, I created my tripod and waited for the evening. Once the sun is gone, the artificial lights illuminate the dome of Hello Distance. Meanwhile, water taxis, boats and gondolas have traveled down the canal. Each boat has its own head and tail light on it. I knew that a long exposure could make paths so colorful.

This is a 12-minute shot on an Olympus OMD EM1 using directly composite mode. This function is similar to the configuration of the bulb, but has a great advantage. By recording only a new light on the frame, overexposure is not possible. As stated by Olympus, “live composite perfectly combines relief bitmap images in order to capture images without excessive exposure unlike normal bulb shooting.” The amazing thing is that you can actually see the image develop before your eyes directly on the LCD screen. Once the desired effect is created, the show ends. Although this sounds sophisticated, the mode is really simple to use. The most difficult part of the shoot was trying to keep people from running on my tripod.

When you mark the Google images for the “church Venice fox”, about 500 000 results returned. This includes catches made at different times of the day in different seasons of the year and weather conditions. No other image, however, shows the heavy traffic boat seen here. It is a good representation of how he has passed Tourism in Venice. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is estimated that more than 60 000 people visit each day. Many come from cruise ships that flood the city with tourists for a few hours before returning to the sea.

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