Bowling notes: Jackie Rhoda makes her mark at college nationals


Bowling notes: Jackie Rhoda makes her mark at college nationals

Bowling notes: Jackie Rhoda has attended the big rolling teams in recent years. Be it Portage advancing to the state finals several times, or the University of Maryland Eastern Shore qualifying for the women’s NCAA final.

However, junior year player and post-Tribune Girls Driast 2015 was very competent for singles. This was exposed in the spring when he reached the semi-finals of the Individual Bowling Interculaires Championship in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Rhoda won the first qualifying season and won a pair of three-game matches to reach the semi-finals. She has flown well in her match against Taylor Bulthuis Webber International, but lost 233-213.

“The experience went very well,” Rhoda said. “If I had not left a count of 6 in the fifth plot, I think I would have had that game.” I thought nothing, amused and enjoying the moment, because there is nothing like this happening every day. Nervous as I thought. ”

In fact, Rhoda had the additional right to keep her mother, Gina Rhoda-Pritchett, quiet during the tournament.

“About halfway through his semi-final match, Jackie told me,” Calm down Mom, it’s going to be fine, “said Rhoda-Pritchett, a local bouqueuse.” It’s competition and that reassures me. ” Fulfilled in itself. “Jackie seems to have found a way to channel her nerves that she may have determination to succeed.”

Rhoda won singles success at his high school when he won the state title, beating his girlfriend, Sarah Voiers Chesterton, in the final.

“Many hours of practice and a lot of stressful situations – many finals (end of rotation Indiana juniors Indiana junior) and college tournaments – helped me to be a stronger bowler,” she said.

According to the mother, the opposite personality of her daughter outside the bowling alley.

“She does not like being alone in general. She prefers having people around her,” said Rhoda-Pritchett. “But when it comes to being alone, she developed an inner strength that helps her focus. She does not like to drop anyone, including herself, and I think that’s what I eat when I plot individually.

“If she wants something, she finds a way to do it.”

Hileman wins: Bob Hileman, Portage, received the award from Jim Laneman Jaryszak June 21, 2017 at the Bowl Expo 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. The prices that kicked off in 2011 celebrate the mechanical balls for their work behind the scenes and is called the United States Research Director at Northwestern Bowling Congress passed Indiana in 2010 after helping launch the USBC Bowling sport program.

“I feel deeply honored and humble at the same time,” Hileman said. “Jaryszak Jim and I were very good friends and I felt very much. I am very honored, I can not say enough.”

Hileman was a mechanic at Stardust Bowl II in Merrillville for over 35 years, becoming the mechanical head in the late 1980s. He also played a key role in running the trials of the Association of Professional Players in Star Powder.

The Lakeshore Association Scholarships: The Lakeshore Bowling Association will award three renewable graduate scholarships to seniors from local youth programs. Michael Ramos and Courtney Rambo, both of Portage, and Trupti Patel Hobart were the receivers. Ramos rolled Cressmoor lanes in Hobart, and will attend Purdue. Rambo, who assists IUPUI and Patel, who will be in charge of the University of Valparaiso, both filmed at Inman in Valparaiso.

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